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Welcome to keymathskills, a new fast and effective way to help children understand the basics of numbers.

After years of teaching in various schools we realised that our students struggled with maths concepts, which then to our dismay would be forgotten a week later!

As we all do, children need regular short bursts of practice to master maths.
What was missing was a quick way to generate questions for classes of mixed abilities.

This site is our solution.

It helps students master the basic number skills that are the fundamentals of the subject. The questions are differentiated to help children of all levels. The site can be projected on to interactive whiteboards making it easy for teachers to generate quick number activities for students. It can also be used on a variety of other devices.

Children really enjoy choosing their level of challenge, tackling it quickly, then marking themselves against the answers.

Better still, once they’ve mastered these concepts we all know how useful they will be in solving real-life problems.

It’s such a useful tool for teachers and we’d like to share it with you.

The first page is entirely free to use and the rest of the site is available for a small fee (less than the price of some maths text books) making the whole package great value. Otherwise you can try out the site for free in demo mode.

All of the pages are easy to print out.

You can create maths homework in no time at all.

We hope you find this as useful as we do.



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